Timbres d\'Asie Extrême-Orient - de Annam et Tonkin à Yunnanfou
Timbres d'Asie Extrême-Orient - de Annam et Tonkin à Yunnanfou
  • Manufactured by: Yvert & Tellier

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Details: 1st edition, catalogue of the postage stamps of countries in East
Asia: Annam & Tonkin, Canton, China with foreign bureaus,
territories, provinces & Japanese occupation, Cochinchina,
Formosa, Hoi-Hao, Hong Kong, Indochina, Japan, Kiau Chou, Korea,
Kouang Tcheou, Macao, Mandchuria, Mongolia, Mong Zeu, North-Korea,
Pakhoi, Philippines, Ryu Kyu Islands, Shanghai, South-Korea, Tchong
K'ing & Yunnanfou; valuations in Euro

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