moulinsart - Tintin - Les premiers pas sur la lune

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While Europe was in the process of reconstruction, Hergé, impressed by the scientific progress of the postwar period, dreamt of sending Tintin and his friends to conquer the Moon.  

Explorers on the Moon, is the original version published between 1950 and 1953 in Tintinmagazine and dotted with unpublished vignetteswhich you can now discover in this new 160 page edition.

All the digital files in this story were scanned from Tintin magazine’s pages, they were adjusted to unify the colours and give an unprecendented quality to the original story. The cover, is very unique and unexpected, and was adapted from a drawing by Hergé.

Thisbook is augmented by a 32-page scientific foreword, written by Yves Horeau and adapted by Jacques Hiron, together with unpublished plans by aviation historian Justo Miranda.

Accompanied by a drawing from the vignette showing Haddock throwing away the Thom(p)son’s hair, with Snowy by the airlock.

Softback format: 180 x 262 cm

160 pages, in French, published 2019

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