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Are you a collector of stamps, toys, Tintin items or do you collect something else? Take a look at the products we sell in our shop. Collectura is a store for collectors and lovers of original collector's items and collectibles! At our online store you can buy high-quality products.


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A wide range of collector’s items

If you are a collector of stamps and when you are looking for these collector’s items, catalogues or other products that help you to expand or complete your collection, you can order them at Collectura. With a hingeless luxury stamp album, you ensure that your stamps are well-protected. Next to our stamp albums, we offer a wide range of collectibles. We have, for example, beautiful magnifier glasses that you can use to look closer at your collection. But we also offer vintage toys, comics, coins, merchandise, music and much more!


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Whether you are looking for an item for your collection or a product because of its nostalgia, we are a modern and unique concept store that focuses on collecting in the broadest sense of the word. As a collector you can always contact us for a special addition to your collection. Of course, you can also contact us for a nice gift for a real collector. If necessary, we are happy to communicate with you in English.