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Funko Inc. is an American company that produces licensed pop culture collectibles.

Funko has also begun creating Movie and Comic Moments, which feature posed Pop! figures interacting with each other and on display bases in ways that replicate moments from different movies and comic books.

In March 2018, Funko announced Funko Cereal, including mini-Pop! characters inside each box. The first line was released in June 2018, and featured pop culture characters Freddy Krueger, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and Beetlejuice, among others.

At Toy Fair 2019, Funko announced a new line of Pop! Vinyl figures; Pop! Town, initially including Ghostbuster, Scooby-Doo, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Nightmare Before Christmas. This line includes a Pop! Vinyl figure alongside a stylized version of a landmark building from the source material.

Other current product lines include Hikari, Legacy Collection, FunkO’s, Fabrikations, Mopeez, and Rock Candy. Former product lines include Spastik Plastik, Blox, FunkoVision, Funko Plushies, Funko Force, Reaction Figures, and Wacky Wobblers.

Chase variant: a chase variant is any Funko product within a series that is a rare variation on the original mold, originally at a ratio of 1/36 that has since increased to 1/6. This variance can be as simple as a color change, or as complex as a totally new mold. Common variances include different molds or character poses, a flocked (fuzzy) finish, metallic paint, glitter, and translucence. They are randomly inserted into shipments, and are highly sought after by collectors, often reselling for much higher prices. Some of these variables are not worth much if the chase has been around long enough for a lot of people to get it.

Dorbz: Dorbz typically have a round smiling head and cylindrical body. Dorbz are smaller than the normal Funko Pop! figure

Mystery Minis: the Mystery Mini series consists of a group of blind boxes that have a random character within, from a variety of series. Examples of Mystery Mini series themes include Five Nights at Freddy’s . The figures are styled differently than the other Funko products. Unlike the other Funko products, there are not usually convention exclusives (the last ones were from 2014), but some stores, such as Hot Topic and FYE, have been known to carry exclusives.


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