Plomp - Catalogue Papermoney of the Netherlands 1760-Present. Part 2

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All information on circulated papermoney, including detailed information on errors, cancellations, Specimen, Proofs and Replacements. With price indication for 3 quality gradings. For starting and advanced collectors. Part 2 in English.

Part 2 in series with part 1. (Catalogus Nederlands Papiergeld 1573-2002, including emergency issues and all local paper money ever issued in The Netherlands, Private and governement issues. Part 1 in Dutch)

Banknotes, Silver Certificates/Treasury notes, Bankers notes.

The Netherlands. Dutch Indies. New Guinea. Suriname. Netherlands Antilles (Incl. Curaçao). Aruba.

The Netherlands bank for South Africa

Including regular issues, errors, specimen, proofs and designs, replacements and goodovers.

Prices in 3 qualities. Except for the rarest of type, all variants are identified with a price tag in Euro.

Due to the international character of the catalogue, because of the (former) colonies, the entire catalogue is set in English., 750 pp in colour, in English, published 2020

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