moulinsart - Tintin car - The Peugeot 403 from The Castafiore Emerald

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Arrivederci! To Captain Haddock’s enormous relief but to the great regret of Calculus, Bianca Castafiore must leave Marlinspike Hall where she invited herself to stay for a while. Her fans are now clamouring for her at La Scala in Milan before she leaves for the States to perform a series of recitals. The diva together with Irma, her maid, and Igor, her accompanist, get into a Taxi. At the moment of the departure, Bianca Castafiore notices that she has forgotten her jewels. The Taxi parked in front of the steps is a Peugeot 403 the first models of which were made at the end of the fifties. This car was presumably equipped with a diesel engine. This model is also the first Peugeot designed by the famous Italian designer Pininfarina. This four-door saloon was a hit with the French drivers because it was a robust and comfortable car. THE CAR WHICH INSPIRED HERGE : Make: Peugeot Model: 403 Year: end of the 1950’s Engine: diesel Max. speed†: 135km Capacity: 1816 cm3 Scale 1/43

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