moulinsart - Tintin car - The Lincoln Zephyr from The Seven Crystal Balls

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"Sea breeze ! Very dejected after Professor Calculus was kidnapped, Captain Haddock regains his liveliness when the police inform him that a garage owner saw the kidnappers’ car taking the direction of Saint-Nazaire. Together with Tintin, they launch on their tracks at the wheel of this beautiful American automobile. A gorgeous convertible! The only car ever owned by Captain Haddock, the Lincoln Zephyr is one of the symbols of the first aerodynamic vehicles of the ‘30s. Its tear-shaped profile and fluid curves allow for high velocity. Nicknamed the ‘flying car” by its creators, this model will revive the Lincoln name which Ford had acquired in 1922 for $8 million. THE CAR WHICH INSPIRED HERGE : Manufacturer: Lincoln Model: Zephyr Year: 1938 Engine: V12 (derived from Ford V8) Weight: 1582.5 kg Price (in 1938) : $1,650 Max. speed: 160 km/h Production: 600 units 2 doors. Scale 1/43

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